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Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2

Download Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2

If you really want a story find out why Cetera really left the band… More importantly his girlfriend that left him for the personal trainer. Cetera is a real selfsh guy,and has a real exagerated sense of self importance…. Think Again - Cock Sparrer - Running Riot In 84 & Live And Loud!

(Vinyl, LP, LP) for Jim Guercio, The manager Jim screwed the band early on and Peter got it, Peter was the disagreeable member of the group and was a very rebelious guy at the time but at least he knew that Guercio was screwing the band in as paying them only enough so that they would not ask questions.

Guercio lined his pockets in a big way and the band well they all drove used cars whilst Guercio enjoyed his Caribou ranch with the bands money….

In the ranch had a suspicious fire Daaaa Guercio had enough As far as Peter and his producer, they are and have had a knock down drag out split…. But even at that Guercio carries a trmendous guilt around with him to this day for Terry;s Death and its sad its sequestered him away from any new ideas and people…Guercio only wants what benefits him and no one else….

This guy that wrote this shit about the band knows nothing I speak from first hand knowledge its nothing but Drama now and Danny book is full of nothing but Drama, the real story will never come out because its all to fuckin painfull for anyone to admit and ackknowledge.

Are you a member of Chicago and using a made up name? Or are you one of the roadies that worked with and for the band. Otherwise, you have no idea what really went on with the band on a daily basis. The girlfriend was Diane Nini and she was his wife and the mother of his first daughter Claire Cetera. Get your facts straight before you post.

I have met Peter and he is a very kind, caring and actually shy man. He may have made waves within the band, but I would think that most band members at one time or another make waves by standing up for their ideas of how a song should be written or sung.

You come across as a very angry person where Chicago is concerned and I for one would like to know why!!! As a guitarist myself, Kath was an idol for me growing up.

AlSi you mentioned that Chicago V marked their slope into mainstream rock. Chicago VI is where the decline started. Check it out, it was their last mind blowing album. What I did say is that V marked when the band actively made the decision to compose songs in radio-ready lengths and release it in a single disc.

But I like VI a lot. And X is atrocious. There are two other points I want to make. Certainly that is sometimes the case, but when you have the caliber of musicians like in Chicago, the songwriter is the starting gun of the race the whole group runs together. Actually equal to Pankow much of the time. The disparity of nonsensical utterance imparted by the relatively informed has never been greater.

Because I like you bradenbost. Sorry John. I stand by that. You comfortable with that? I think we may have to agree to disagree on this one …. Wonderful band. As in BAND. Lamm in Aug.

At other times, Lamm would write the parts out in totality, e. The soft spoken Lamm has never struck me as a tower of ego; perhaps you suspect his veracity. Thanks, Fayette. 4.

- Various - Chappell Recorded Music beat me to it. This is speculation on my part. John, really? Wonder no more and be the first kid on your block with your new Sophisticatometer. Then you can say with confidence. On Peter Cetera Leaving Chicago, you have to understand that when he left, he was with the band for quite some time. Both guys left in their primes because they wanted to work in their relationships and family life, not tour the world any more.

Ultimately, both of them were not successful in keeping their relationships. This is the sad side of true great vocal rock gods. I agree, Seth. After living out of a suitcase for 18 years, who can blame him for trading that for retiring to some property in Idaho, singing when he wants and where he wants, his personal relationships notwithstanding.

Your current post has established useful to me personally. You possess opened my personal eyes to be able to numerous opinion of this subject with interesting and reliable content. Glad ive been a hard core fan for over 40 years.

Interesting comments about skinny boy…if you where a hard core fan you would of purchashed that in as i did…. I tried to like it, I really did. So I listened to it as long as I could stand it.

It was like cake without frosting — good, but something was missing. They are different now…. They still have it, they still totally love what they do and you can see how much they are enjoying themselves. Things change. Jimmy Pankow makes me smile just watching him. Long live Chicago.

I agree, they were all such gifted musicians and together made my favorite music. I actually feel bad for him, he gets a lot of hate on the internet! Totally, totally on all accounts! This been verty fun to read and check out the video links!

Although, as you said, none of this is new information to me. I have been a huge fan since a can remember listening to music. I was only 9 or 10 when I first heard these songs and the longing, sadness and melancholy were not something I could really relate to. Maybe it was some kind of foreshadowing ha ha. Either way, Chicago 17 was a highly anticipated release for me and it became my very first favorite album. I carried the cassette with me every where I went for probably an entire year. I could probably recite the liner notes from memory.

I still have that original cassette today but it is nearly unlistenable due to the insane amount of dropouts from overplaying it on a variety of shitty tape decks! Some song I had never heard! I bought it and excitedly ran home to check it out. And then became very confused. But it was still haunting and intriguing to me for some reason. Having already been primed for the difference, I pretty much fell in love with this collection.

Could it be true that these guys had actually released 15 albums before I had ever heard of them? Hmmm Next I saw the Carnegie Hall box set at the record store. I wanted it soooooo bad! Timeless - Fla Fla - Timeless EP this day I regret not buying that when I had the chance because I never really saw it again for years.

I just got done listening to Chicago V and Ikigami - Idlefon - Intensive Collectivity Known As City X I love the former and the latter holds a lot of inter-band interest for meand was curious again why Danny was booted from the band. I happened across your blog and this happily distracted me for a while. They were certainly one of the best bands of all time and one of the most interesting.

I guess there are just a lot of fans still embarrassed by the slight delving into disco phase or something. But as terrible as certain elements of Chicago 13 and XIV may be, there are still good moments on even those albums.

And the critics can suck it! You really get a sense of the development of the band. Well thought out and interesting. Even so, I must admit that I am delighted they Chicago are still touring and plan on seeing them with my kids when they come through town a few months from now.

Nice write up. Definitely check out Stone of Sisyphus. It is a very strong album. I wish Chicago would keep doing new music… the constant repackaging and oldies touring and releases of old live albums just does not help.

Well, we may disagree on the quality of Stone of Sisyphus, but we certainly agree on our desire for them to get off the nostalgia circuit. Just kidding! I liked reading about the Seven Myths. I have been a Chicago fan since and I agree with a lot of your comments. Well done! Saw them in Manchester think Terry Kath was there Best band we ever saw.

So professi onal great musicians. Broke our hearts when they went soft on us. Terry Kath was fantAsticChicago horn section was wonderful Hard habit to break Thanks for the article. That was where a saxophone, clarinet, and flute player named Walter Parazaider got together with a drummer named Danny Seraphine, a guitar player and singer named Terry Kath, a trumpet player named Lee Loughnane, and a trombone player named James Pankow. An engagement during the second week of December proved to be an important gig.

That night, singer and bass guitar player Peter Cetera would leave the Exceptions and join The Big Thing as its seventh member, and big things were about to happen. James William Guercio, who had been a DePaul University student of music as well, moved the band out to Los Angeles and he would become their manager and producer. The plan from the beginning was to start a horn Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller And His Orchestra - A String Of Pearls Rock and Roll band, a Why Did Ya?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 and Roll band with a horn section, a Rock and Roll band with horns that were an integral part of the music, a Rock and Roll band whose horn section Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 the heart of the band, a Rock and Roll band with a horn section that was another lead voice dancing with the vocals. The horns actually acted as an additional vocal line, not just performing fill rifts. This is what was innovative about Chicago.

True to the need of the album-oriented rock format that launched them, the first four albums released by Chicago between and comprised three double albums and one quadruple album. Chicago took America and the world by storm without the help of their faces. Total subjugation of individual ego to the collective good of the Black Thighs - The Last Poets - The Last Poets was the rule in Chicago, even to the point of using a logo rather than a picture of the band on all of their album covers.

Chicago refused to emphasize celebrity over the music. The group turned its anonymous, professional air into a virtue and a marketing strategy. They were the faceless band behind a logo. The group would come to be identified by a logo, and that logo, designed by Nick Fasciano, would become the most famous logo in Rock and Roll history. Some people though would offer a more sinister viewpoint of the logo, suggesting that management Why Did Ya?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 the fact that nobody really knew what the members of Chicago really looked like as a reminder that nobody in the band was irreplaceable. Inspired by classical music, Chicago also chose to number most of their albums with Roman numerals instead of giving them full names. InChicago released their first album, and to this day, it is considered to be one of the greatest groundbreaking albums ever produced in the history of Rock and Roll; that album being The Chicago Transit Authority.

It was a blend of jazz, classical, and straight-ahead rock and roll. It included an unheralded synthesis of electric guitar rock and roll to more deeply rooted jazz influences and arrangements. It was funky, melodic, emotive, and politically intoned. When The Chicago Transit Authority was released init seemed to be the perfect synthesis of everything that was diametrically opposed.

It had smooth, lush harmonies, it had the distorted feedback-drenched pyrotechnic guitar works of Terry Kath, it had the Beatles-meet-Motown bass works of Peter Cetera, it had the Buddy Rich-meets-Mitch Mitchell drum works of Danny Seraphine, it had the churning Hammond organ and classical piano works of Robert Lamm, and it had those powerful horns of Walter Parazaider, Lee Loughnane, and James Pankow weaving in Tuuli Se Tupaa Häilyttää - Tellervo Haikonen - Sounds Of Kantele out of the arrangements, ending up toe-to-toe with everything else, and it all worked.

The dynamics were perfect. The Chicago Transit Authority seemed to have everything in the right place. The horn section, the vocalists, and the rhythm section were tight and unified. Individually, the members of Chicago were all outstanding on their respective Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2. Unlike many bands of the era that utilized session musicians for their recordings, Chicago was completely self-contained.

Chicago could not be pigeonholed. Their sound met with resistance. It was a compromise to be on the radio, and it was what it was. You know, because those are the people who listen to radio—people with A. Chicago would go on to sign with a new record label, and the horns stayed, and the band played on for forty more years.

Question: What do you get when you Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 the voice of Ray Charles Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 the voice and the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix? Terry Kath had a very soulful quality to his voice and he was an Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2superb, deep and wicked virtuoso of a guitar player. It is one of the greatest moments in Rock history for the electric guitar.

Chicago soldiered on for another forty years with the help of other notable lead rock guitarists, from Donnie Dacus and Chris Pinnick, to DaWayne Bailey and Keith Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2. His clear baritone voice was an asset, as were his stylized keyboarding skills. The sexiest, the sweetest, the most distinctive tenor voice in all of Rock And Roll history belongs to Peter Cetera mthrfckrs! There is no comparison. Well Peter, I would like to tell you tonight on behalf of all your fans that your voice has actually done both for us.

Your voice has struck us deep Cabaret - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Pop Chronik our hearts and it is stuck deep in our heads and that is where we want it and that is how we like it!

In May ofafter 18 years with the band, and after the Chicago 17 album, Peter Cetera left Chicago for a solo career. Jason Scheff has been Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 Chicago now for over 25 years.

During his time with Chicago, Danny Seraphine played drums in a style that, ironically perhaps, can best be described as lyrical. To be a good drummer one must develop his own technique. Good timing and good taste is essential, but it is the technique that sets the truly great drummers apart from the rest.

And that folks Nie Znamy Siebie - Kaśka - Ja Wiem Chicago. Now I am going to present you with information that must be stated! According to Billboard chart statistics, Chicago is second only to the Beach Boys as the most successful American Rock and Roll band of all time, in terms of both albums and singles.

The number one charting Rock and Roll band of Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 s was Chicago!

Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 2 — The Rolling Stones! Number 3 — The Beach Boys! And at number 4, all together now Chicago! And that says it all right there folks! Walter Parazaider Present: saxophone; clarinet; flute; songwriter Lee Loughnane Present: vocals; trumpet; flugelhorn; songwriter James Pankow Present: vocals; trombone; songwriter Robert Lamm Present: vocals; piano; keyboards; songwriter Terry Kath vocals; guitar; songwriter Peter Cetera vocals; bass guitar; songwriter Danny Seraphine drums; songwriter Laudir Uptown Blues - Various - Big Band Bash Oliveira Gamble On Love (7 Version) - Various - Crossover Flavas (When Northern Soul Met Disco) songwriter Donnie Dacus vocals; guitar; songwriter Bill Champlin vocals; keyboards; guitar; songwriter Jason Scheff Present: vocals; bass guitar; songwriter Tris Imboden Present: drums; songwriter.

Then, in the Chicago Blackhawks win their fifth Stanley Cup in franchise history and their second during a Barack Obama presidency. Obama and Oduya both have five letters and they both begin with the letter O and end with the letter a. Obama and Oduya both have Kenyan ancestry. Then, what do you know, Chicago, the band, is finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 20?? Seven Blackhawks on the ice would have been too many. I bought and played the grooves off C2 and C3 and purchased C4 the day it dropped to stores not a trivial amount of cash for a fifteen year old.

It was my own day the music died. Many fans have their own. He may have Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 a controlling, manipulative, son-of-a-bitch [check out the old NBC documentary about Chicago on youtube to confirm how dismissive JWG could be], but he was their son-of-a-bitch and I think the music showed it.

Good stuff, just not great stuff. I still enjoy a good portion of Chicago: Hot Streets through Chicago 17, though, but in an entirely different sense with how I enjoy their first albums. The answer comes from Robert at about the 24 minute mark:. Danny burned his bridges by starting a band and competing? They kicked him out of the band! As much as I sympathize with Danny my cousin was canned, coincidentally enough, by a Guercio-managed band with a 1 in the chartsI also feel the band did what it had to.

And stop with the cabaret act already … because it sucks mightily. And Robert, pull the Hammond out of storage and schlep it along with a Rhodes. No cheezoid patches allowed. In our collective fantasy Chicago reunion that only includes original members, who would be a good fit to fill in for Kath? Unfortunately he lacks the vocal skills. After reading about the coke use and egos in The Eagles, they make Chicago look like angels lol Don solo:.

Sounds like this could be very interesting! I find this exciting but also a little sad because I know Danny and Pete will have no part in it except mentions. I find it amusing that one of the commenters on Youtube asked if he can pay to just see the first hour. Re: Your Myth 1. I have met him and have seen him sign autographs with his left hand. I have followed the band since their beginning and still love the Original Band. It is very interesting and was written before Danny wrote his book.

Look, I already had it out with someone else about this. Not about signing autographs or filling out DMV forms. So sorry that I posted this.

Thanks and keep up the good work. Well, Peter and Jimmy P were both married to Nini sisters. I recall vaguely that Jimmy actually had to get divorced first. And I think that at least one other band member -Lee? It makes me wonder. Peter was married to Diane Nini and had one daughter, Claire. They are both beautiful and are sisters.

Way too many trolls! I just checked that. Very cool! Maybe Peter checks his forums! I can dream. Ad feel free to keep the Chicago talk going! I enjoy it and am honored to provide such a forum for it. And loved two tracks — Temporary Jones with TK on bass! High tenor who plays bass??? Is that a thing that I never knew about? Its so enjoyable and learning to follow all of what comes up here. More convenient with the older materials. Its amasing that so many skilled individuals have managed to make this into a band-sound.

Im amased…. They where from FLA. His nasally tone really screws with the songs. He needs to be replaced! Thanks for your insights to the band! Good stuff. As in TALL order. Rather than the already established sideman, my guess is this 'mystery man' exists … woodshedding in relative obscurity. Waiting for a call. That will never come. But it's fun to ponder … Got any ideas?

I also find it odd that he speaks in his book and in this interview about the 2 guys he feels responsible for his ouster from the band.

I guess he wanted to bury the hatchet? Danny says Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 was because Champlin and Scheff took issue with a drummer running the business side of the band. Kinda the same story either way but from different angles.

Who the hell cares what instrument he played. So he had a few bad concerts in London. That negates the previous decades of literally thousands of stellar performances? They originals should have sat down with Danny and appealed to him in every way possible to mend fences. I discovered Chi much like you, there was a station in chi in the 80s that would on Saturdays play 2 of their songs back to back. I was amazed:. Soon after: Why Did Ya?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 Chi collection started. Chi or Robert Lamm did an anti-drug PSA early on, may Changes - Yes - 90125 be on youtubeand we all know they did drugs.

The stories are told over and over, and I am one. Regardless of generation, the songs attract kids, for me it was Color My World, I was 9, which is the age range you hear. I differ with your opinion on less than stellar lyrics my phrasing. A very fun read. I feel like Lamm would have admitted that 25 or 6 to 4 was about drugs by now—since the secret of their drug use is old news and the hot lights of being toward the front of rock culture turned off long ago.

No one says a band has to remain exactly the same as when it started to be totally enjoyable. Things change-sport teams,government,etc. I saw Chicago in and 30 times since and never was disappointed wether it was Kath Cetera and Seraphine or any of the able fill ins.

They may not have been as great as the origanals but very enjoyable none the less. Kath,Cetera and Danny are gone. Time to quit harpen about it and enjoy them for what they are now. Very Si Ai. While I agree that a band does not have to stay the same throughout their career, I strongly reject the notion that I have to either enjoy what an artist has become or keep quiet. No one is beyond reasonable criticism.

Age has affected all of them. The reason I post in this blog is because we can discuss,gripe, harp and speak freely about the past and present group. The official Chicago site is for you. I just love an expert who became a fan in ! So, please drop the expert analysis. Secondly, you lose any credibility you might have had when you say you want to punch Jason because of the way he looks.

Are you 13? Third, Danny punched out a guy who died much later. He probably should punched you just because of the way you look. Your pathetic shoehorning in that name drop at the end?

Or is it how the expression of an opinion in a facetious manner for the sake of humor is so lost on you, that it speaks volumes about your reading comprehension level? I appreciate the fact that even a Jonny-come-lately can take a listen to a volume of work and appreciate it for what it was and is—even after 40 years.

It validates the notion that good music holds up over time. I would disagree with you about Mr. Scheff however. I want to punch him not for how he looks, but for a different reason. Thanks Darrell. Jason had been doing it for Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 25 years now, having started with the group when he was practically still a kid. Thank you, Kevin, for the kind words.

At any rate, a nine year tenure in a band certainly constitutes a vested interest in which one should feel Wooden Chimes - No Artist - 100 Sound Effects compelled to voice his opinion about another member should an issue arise. There is no shortage of such examples of his caterwauling on YouTube. So, Kevin, first off, thanks for posting your first-hand experience Why Did Ya?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 the guys. What a treat that must have been to be with them those years and get to rub shoulders with truly remarkable musicians. It gave me a reference to work with. Hey old school Chicago fans, I just found this little Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 on YT this morning:.

One of my favorite things Анонимно = Anonymously - Rada* And Gosplan Trio - I this cover is how wrong they got the lyrics. Hey Braden how cool is it that a small thought started a few yrs. I just spent an enjoyable hour beginning with Why Did Ya?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 7 myths and checking a few comments and went all the way to the end. I am a long haul truck driver with a giant variety of musical likes. I am a suburban Chi Town native and while I am not a professional Why Did Ya?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 player I play just for hobby and Terry was always one of my strongest influences. I have succeded in getting all the remastered albums on cd and they have had quite a steady rotation in the big rig for a few years now. It is a nice outlet to vent, discuss, and talk about the guys. He gave them their Grit. Fantastic article! Simply amazing stuff. Quite accurate. Saw an old cut from a live Tokyo show that played a Make Me Smile trilogy similar to one here.

Chicago was born to be a group of rock musicians with extraordinary talents. Keep posting here Chi fans! I love checking back and reading the new comments. OK admitting right now that I am listening to the band while I read all these posts so feeling super geeky but in good company. I always liked the songs but never considered myself a fan — until recently I went to a concert and was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. Except of course for Jason Scheff who made me feel like my ears were bleeding.

On stage he seemed younger so I assumed maybe he was a recent fill in. But of course have since found out otherwise. Once they started playing the really good older stuff his voice was less of a focal point and I could concentrate on the brass section and the amazing performances I was weirdly taken by how buff Robert Lamm looked for an old guy and filter him out.

Except for the sappy solos from the later Cetera years. It had me thinking, if Journey can find someone who halfway sounds like Steve Perry, how can they not find Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 who can do a decent Peter Cetera? Then I realized revenge must be the motive. Every time Cetera accidentally tunes into the band his ears bleed and he is now reminded how much everyone rues the day they performed Baby What a Big Surprise.

Not to mention Old Days. Which brings me to my question about myths and hoping someone knows the truth. Loved reading this and will check out your other posts, now that I too am temporarily?

Maybe you can tell if Peter is hating on it or not! There is an interview I found online with Peter Cetera that makes me think it could be true though. Kind of a D-rated song. That interview is great! Yeah, I agree on the mix tape thing lol. Guys guys guys, I think the point is, WHAT should a band sound like after 45 years of providing top quality songs for us? As Why Did Ya?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 aged, so did their music, so did their fans. As a Lifelong Chicago fan, I appreciate every piece of crap that they put on record. The hits along with the trash. Been a fan of the band since the beginning. It is Fancy Colors.

Just my 2 cents. Nice work. Thanks for reading, Michael. Enjoyed this fun informative blog. Then I rediscovered them a few years ago and have seen them perform live several times and they were so fantastic, I started buying their music beginning with their three Christmas CDs, all great. Then I bought the box Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 of their first 10 albums.

More Power to all the past and present members of the band. Would love to see you all again sometime here in Southern California. All the best to all of you. I am 44 now. I just prefer Chicago from the first to eleventh albums. Thanks for the post!! You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Avoid these 5 foods if you have arthritis or joint pain. Watch More. Answered May 26, It's the 8th wonder of the world, but what secrets lie below?

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It became more apparent in the recent weeks, with Twilight acting sad and distant towards that Sunset girl. She was always a strange thing to him, who surprisingly smelled like a human and a…horse? So Spike kept his mouth shut, hoping that Twilight would calm enough to where he could one day speak to her and say all the things he wanted to say to her.

Like how happy he was with her. For now though, time would tell when the moment was right, till then, Spike was content with the situation. Like now for example, Spike spotted a familiar face Take It Away - Hybrid Minds - Mountains towards Fluttershy. It the blue girl with the different colored hair, Rainbow Dash he remembered. Oh yeah, Rainbow, Twi, Rarity, and Fluttershy, the only four human girls I know who know just where to scratchthought Spike.

The pink haired girl patted the seat next to Mpfumo Samba - Gito Baloi - The Best Of Gito Baloi - Remembering and Rainbow graciously accepted the offer. Fluttershy ran her hand over his back smoothly, petting him gently as he rested from his head and simply listened to the two human girls talk.

Fluttershy gave a small nod. Are they okay? Do we -? Rainbow Dash released a sigh of relief, at the same time Spike did as well. The sports girl reclined on the bench, feeling relieved to hear this news, and yet she still seemed pensive about something.

Fluttershy went red in the face. She quickly shook her head and made an X symbol with her hands. Silence hung in the air as both girls waited for the awkwardness to dissipate between them, old memories of Here, There & Everywhere - Acker Bilk His Clarinet And Strings - Acker Bilk Plays Lennon & McCartney Freshman year coming back to them.

Fluttershy turned to Rainbow, now having her full attention to this. Oh my…are…do I know them? To this, Fluttershy had a deadpan expression. Fluttershy smiled and patted Rainbow on the shoulder. Is it Applejack, or maybe Rarity? Rainbow took a moment to think about that. She had to admit, despite her high-class and girly-girl ways from time to time, Rarity could be strong and steadfast when she needed to be. And, well, Rarity did have a nice figure, model curves, and that voice…Rainbow quickly shook her head, dislodging those thoughts.

Fluttershy froze up, feeling her blood run cold at the mention of Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 name. Fluttershy raised her eyebrow in disbelief, but the pained expression on her face told her otherwise.

Her encounter with Gilda was less than friendly, and ever since then the mere mention of her name made Fluttershy cringe, but then again she did Floyd Mayweather - Young Thug - Jeffery same thing when it came to Sunset Shimmer. Although to be fair, Fluttershy felt something off about Sunset even during her rage fueled tirade, something painful.

Do either of them know? I do, but I like Twilight too! And I do! Well…maybe we did it…a little…mostly out of comfort…ugh! Rainbow collapsed onto her rear as she stared at the grass. She was actually just as shy and scared as you were when we were little. The only difference was that after I started being friends with her, she started to become a lot more confident, and started to give Why Did Ya? - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 jerks back at the Camp a good ass kicking.

But then…she confessed that she liked me, really liked me, and kissed me…first kiss really. Fluttershy picked up Spike a moved to sit on the grass with Rainbow. Especially if she feels bad like she does. Rainbow put the heel of her palms against her forehead, groaning in dismay over how her life had suddenly turned into some romance-drama sitcom.

Fluttershy gave a small smile and patted Rainbow on the shoulder. Tree Hugger wiped her nose and sniffled. Although I get sense someone just talked about me.

Hmm…oh well, time for your next opening. Sunset and Twilight still stood in the middle of the camp, looking a little apprehensive at going back in for another chakra opening. Tree Hugger smiled her usual laid back smile. Twilight and Sunset were immediately engulfed in their respective flames, a few short seconds later, emerged in their Firestorm forms. But something was definitely different. The flames seemed richer, stronger, and the emblems on their chests glowed with a sort of resonance.

Twilight looked about and focused on a log in the distance.


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    MLDC: Firestorm Crisis written by Michael_Ravencroft Add To Bookshelf; It the blue girl with the different colored hair, Rainbow Dash he remembered. Spike ran over to Fluttershy and quickly ran around Rainbow’s legs, showing how excited he was to see her. If ya say so. Also, you double spaced between this and sanctuary.
  2. Sep 13,  · Two X 1st Single 'Double Up' Licensed to YouTube by Genie Music (on behalf of CJ E&M); SOLAR Music Rights Management, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, LatinAutor, Warner Chappell.
  3. I got hooked initially because I love human interaction. Good, bad or indifferent, ST has the potential to create a unique dynamic: people who are in the lifestyle for so many different reasons, discussing topics without range of limit. I've seen regular posters get bored and go away - people who are talented writers and crystalline thinkers.
  4. Nov 27,  · Explained in easy language: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS TWO EQUATIONS: Y=-2X AND Y=|-2X|? What is the difference between this two equations: EX: Y = -2x and Y = |-2x| difference between this two equations: y=-2x and y=|-2x| This Is Two.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Top Dance Volume 2 on Discogs.3/5(1).

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