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În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3

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Boussiba S. Nitrogen fixing eyanobaeteria potential uses. Plant and Soilp. Fontes A. Factors affecting the production of biomass by a nitrogen-fixing blue-green alga in outdoor culture. Biomass 13,p. Hee-Mock Oh, J. Maeng, G-Yull Rhee.

Nitrogen and carbon fixation byAnabaena sp. Journal of Applied Phycology 3,p. The light response of nitrogen fixation in Lake Valencia, Venezuela. The choice of culture medium for algae growing is an important milestone because it can affect the economic aspects of the production process. For cultivation of Nostoc gelatinosum algae the most optimal medium are Drew and Z8.

The highest values of algal productivity may be obtained according the semicontinuous method. With the increase of algal productivity pH values change to basic direction. Key words: Nostoc gelatinosum, cultivation, optimal medium,periodic method, semicontinuous method. Pe parcursul perioadei de cercetare productiviperioadei de cercetare productivitatea algei a sporit treptat.

Nostoc gelatinosum. Allnutt F. Cyanobacterial bluegreen algal biotechnology: past, present and future. Cojocari A.

Dobrojan G. Ruiz—Marin A. Growth and nutrient removal in free and immobilized green algae in batch and semi — continuous cultures treating real wastewater. In: Bioresource Technology,nr. Stratulat I. Cultivarea algei Nostoc flagelliforme pe diferite medii nutritive. As a result of the investigations carried out on periphyton algae communities in the lower reach of the river Ichel, species and varieties of algae were identified, between them 69 are planktonic, 62— benthic, 63 — epiphytic, 40 În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 intermediate forms.

Depending on the water salinity, river algal flora almost entirely refers to oligohalobious group, and depending on the pH of the water — to the alkaliphile and indifferent. Tabelul 2. Ralfs din filumul Cyanophyta; Chlamydomonas ehrenbergii Gorosch. Smith Kom. Bentonice: Aphanizomenon elenkinii Kissel. Epifitonice: Calothrix brevissima G.

Schmidle G. Bento-planctonice: Anabaena variabilis Kutz. Bento-epifitonice:Phormidium foveolarum Mont. Epifitono-planctonice: Lyngbya lagerheimii Mob. Cyanophyta ; Pediastrum tetras Ehr. Epifitono-bentonice: Melosira varians Ag. Planctono-epifitonice: Scenedesmus acuminatus Lagerh. Husted Cyanophyta ; Amphora ovalis Kutz. Bacillariophyta ; Cladophora glomerata, Coelastrum microporum, Mougeotia sp.

Chlorophyta ; Euglena acus, Lepocinclis elongata Swir. Planctonica Euglenophyta. Limosa Ag. Cyanophyta ; Achnanthes affinis, Caloneis amphisbaena Bory Cl. West, Cosmarium impressulum Elfs. Concluzii 1. Anuarul Tonight (Extended) - Various - DJPod Volume 1 Cazac V.

Resursele acvatice ale Republicii Moldova. Hustedt F. Mohan, Gh, Ardelean A. Obuh P. III, Nr. Astfel, 7-a de experimente. Modificarile pH-ului ininmediile cultura parcursul experientei Figura 3. Modificarile pH-ului mediile de dede cultura pepe parcursul experientei FiguraFigura 3. Figura 4. Referindu-ne la productivitatea algei Cylindrospermum licheniforme pe parcursul celor 21 zile observam o crestere semnificativa in toate cele 3 concentratii de ape reziduale.

La Recherche,vol. Prygiel, A. Charriau, R. Descamps et G. Current treatment options can delay progression and continue researches can discover new ways to halt and reverse the degenerative processes of the retina. Concluzie: 1.

Congres hopes to create awareness of specific treatments for individual patients. Pattern Committee. Age-related macular degeneration. Two studies find a strong rationale for combination treatments in AMD. The proposedpremixescomprise amulticomponent synergisticcombination in case of the first technological recipe and Spirulina extract containing freea mino acids, oligopeptides and selenium-containing proteinsin case of the second recipe exhibiting significant antioxidantactivity andimmunomodulatory effect.

Tabelul 3. Tabelul 4. Cases, J. Assessment of selenium bioavailability from high-selenium Spirulina subfractions in selenium deficient rats. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Chen T. Prification and characterization of seleniumcontaining phycocyanin from selenium-enriched Spirulina platensis. Phytochemistryno. Accumulation of selenium in mixotrophic culture of Spirulina platensis on glucose. Bioresource Technology.

Mixotrophic culture of high selenium-enriched Spirulina platensis on acetate and the enhanced production of photosynthetic pigments Enzyme and Microbial Technology. Duffield-Lillico, A. Baseline characteristics and the effect of selenium supplementation on cancer incidence in a randomized clinical trial A summary report of the nutritional prevention of cancer trial. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention,no. Ip, C. Chemical speciation influences comparative activity of seleniumenriched garlic and yeast in mammary cancer prevention.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,vol. Li, Z. Bioeffects of selenite on the growth of Spirulina platensis and its biotransformation. Bioresource Technology,vol. Miller S. Selenite protects human endothelial cells from oxidative damage and induces thioredoxin reductase. Mosulishvili L. Experimental substantiation of the possibility of developing selenium and iodine-containing pharmaceuticals based on blue-green algae Spirulina platensis.

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis,vol. Rudic V. Aspecte noi ale biotehnologiei moderne. There wasstudied the impact ofantioxidant complex from microalga Porphyridium cruentum biomass on the antioxidant activityof vegetable oilsand their oxidation process. Antioxidant assay using the radical1,1-diphenylpicryl-hydrazil DPPH revealed an increase of the antioxidant activity of oils supplemented with microalgal antioxidant complex. Separarea uleiului de restul etanolic s-a produs timp de 24 ore la temperatura camerei.

Brand-Williams W. Use of a free radical method to evaluate antioxidant activity. Lebensmittel În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 und —Technologie. In: Food Science and Technology,v. Cepoi L. Antioxidative activity of ethanol extracts from Spirulina platensis and Nostoc linckia by various methods. Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft undE.

In: Food and Gouveia L. Eur Food Res Technol,— Hyphenated technique for the extraction and azadetermination of isoflavones in algae: Ultrasound-assisted supercritical fluid ex-traction followed by fas chromatography with tandem mass spec-trometry.

J Chromatogr,A — Antioxidant potential of microalgae in relation to their phenolic and carotenoid content. Gouveia L. Chlorella vulgaris and Haematococcus pluvialis biomass as colouring and antioxidant in food emulsions. Planta,— Hyphenated technique for the extraction The Love Of My Man - Various - The Must Of Prelude Records Vol.

3 determination of isoflavones in algae: Ultrasoundassisted supercritical fluid ex-traction followed by fast chromatography with tandem mass spec-trometry. J Appl Phycol,— Evaluation of antioxidant capacity and total phenolic content of different fractions of selected microalgae. Food Chem,vol.

Rodriguez-Garcia I. Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of three microalgal species for use as dietary supplements and in the preservation of foods. In: Food Chemistry,vol. Commercial applications of microalgae.

J Biosci Bioeng. Strayer D. Food fats and oils. Currently, in the phycology are using a wide range of methods that allow to keep the microalgae cultures. One of the simplest and cheapest methods of keeping the algal cultures is crossing their dry as a result of dehydration. For this reason, issues related to long storage of algal cultures in dry soil under laboratory conditions and maintain their vitality subsequent reactivation are currently functions of great importance.

Peculiarities of biotope influence the resilience of representatives of different species in general and representatives of the same species and in Never Grow Old - Cosmic Psychos - Blokes You Can Trust. The highest percentage of species reappear in cultures analyzed in is set for beech forests, vegetation and meadow steppe.

Speciile Phormidium jadinianum Gom. Starr, Dictyococcus pseudovarians Korschik. Astfel de specii ca Gloeobotrys chlorinus Pasch. Astfel de specii ca Nostoc linckia Roth. Flah, N. Printz, Trentepohlia sp. De exemplu, Nostoc commune Vauch. Altele, cum sunt speciile Nostoc linckia, Chlorosarcinopsis minor Gerneck Herndon, Desmococcus În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3Trentepohlia sp.

O parte din alge, printre care sunt speciile Pseudopleurococcus botryoides Snow. Astfel de specii ca Chlorococcum LArt De La Fugue / Contrapunctus 1 - Jean-Sébastien Bach*, Georg Böhm, Georg Muffat, Dietrich Buxte Moewus.

Speciile Phormidium jadinianum, Ph. Cojucari A. The semicontinuous method for cultivation the alga Nostoc flagelliforme leads to a higher quantity of biomass in a short period of time. The pH of the nutritive media for cultivation the alga Nostoc flagelliforme by semicontinuous method have increasing trends followed by decreasing and does not differ substantially depending on the concentrations of elimination and substitution of nutritive medium.

Nostoc flagelliforme, productivity, semicontinuous cultivation, biomass, daily growth. Cultivarea algei Anabaenopsis sp. Curt Elenk. Acest indicator este direct dependent de metoda de cultivare, mediu nutritiv utilizat, În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 de mediu etc.

Acest indicator este direct dependent deflagelliforme metoda de cultivare, mediu nutritiv utilizat, factorii de mediu etc. Arctic ocean shelf—basin interaction: an active continental shelf CO2 pump and its impact on the degree of calcium carbonate solubility. Algae Anatomy, biochemistry and biotechnology. Damien J. Farrelly, Liam Brennan, Colm D. Everard, Kevin P. Mcdonnell, Carbon dioxide utilisation of Dunaliella tertiolecta for carbon bio-mitigation in a semicontinuous photobioreactor.

Kotai J. Instructions for preparation of modified nutrients solution Z-8 for În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3. In the taxonomic structure of edaphic algal flora from the enclosed cucumber plantations the highest share of total diversity have Cyanophyta phylum with Following algalization of the soli with dry and green inoculum of Anabaenopsis sp.

Key words: edaphic algal flora, Anabaenopsis sp. Calculele statistice au fost efectuate prin intermediul programului computerizat Statistic 6. Tiraspol Figura1. Oscillatocorium Ag. Ceva Grun. Cel mai rar au fost depistate: În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3.

Cele mai reprezentative dintre care sunt: Chlamydomonas Reinhardti Dang. Cyanophyta: Synechocystis salina Wisl. Xanthophyta:Pleurochloris comutata Pasch. Euglenophyta:Euglena polymorpha Dang. Chlorophyta: Chlamydomonas Reinhardti Dang.

Bibliografia 1. Taxonomic and ecologic structure of communities of edafic algae from the agrophytocenoses of the northern districts of Moldova— Journal of plant development, vol.

Tsarenko P. Ruggel: A. Gantner Verlag K. Keywords: microalgae, culture collection, biomass, lipids, biodiesel Introduction Increasing volumes of the fossil oil and gas utilization in 20th century has led to the problem of searching for alternative sources of energy and fuel which would be renewable and environmentally-friendly.

Therefore, the active scientific researches on generation and usage of biofuel particularly biodiesel as the most needed and perspective energy source are carried out worldwide. Animal fats, agriculture În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 crops and lipids from bacteria, yeasts, fungi and microalgae are used in the capacity of the vegetable raw material.

The benefits of microalgae as producers are a high content of lipids, significant growth rate, possibility of controlled biosynthesis, great growth under different conditions — fresh, brackish, sea water, and even wastewater from plants and city sewages etc.

Chisti, ; Chernova et Concierto Para Piano Y Orquesta En La Menor, Op.

16 - Edvard Grieg - Herbert von Karajan, Orquesta F. Also there intensive global researcher effots aimed at increasing the accumulation of lipids and carbohydrate production in different algal species by genetic engineering methods Radokovits et al.

These are the members of În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3Chlorophyta flagellates and coccoidHaptophyta, Eustigmatophyta, Euglenophyta, Rhodophyta and Streptophyta. An availability of lipid-producer strains in algal culture collections as well as a study on their capacity to active growth under cultural conditions is the significant element of investigation of these taxa Perspectives Raum III: Reisefragmente - Deathgate Arkanum - Stillhallen, ; Barbosa, Wiffels, ; Borowitzka, The aim of this paper is to carry out screening of IBASU-A collection to find some species-producers of biomass and lipids for forming the single collection including the most perspective strains.

According to original and literature În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 themaincriteriaforselectionwereanabilityof algae toaccumulatelargequantityoflipids, highbiomassproductivity, stresstoleranceandresistance to differentbiologicalcontamination. To select the productive strains at first the express-method including an algal cultivation under uniform culture condition with temper visual determination was used Algae…, The În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 increase of algal biomass was estimated by microscopic counting cell concentration or determining cell dry weight concentration gravimetrically Methods…, Results and discussion In the results of conducted screening a new collection of the perspective high biomass producers has been formed.

It includes 33 strains of 18 species from genera Acutodesmus E. Agardh emend. Krienitz et al. West E. Tsarenko et E. Also the Overflowing - Cubiky - 3 of selected strains were characterized by short term of lag phase and had a shot adaptive period days as well as the highest speed during active growth. In the cultures of the highest productive strains from genera Chlorella, Chloroidium, Parachlorella the maximal cell concentration B reached 38— cells ml At the same time the specific growth rate and productivity were equaled 0.

At the same time a growth of algal biomass in the Chlorella, Chloroidium and Parachlorella cultures variedintherange of 0. The most productive strains under study were A. It should be noted that the majority of above-listed species and strains are widely used in fundamental and applied researches and different branches of national economy, food and pharmaceutical industry. Forexample, A. The application of some strains of A. Thereby, aprofibility of algae within sufficient commercial value would be raised for account of their multiple-purpose usage.

By turn, that demands some more additional investigations intended for a study of the specificity of mixed culture cultivation, mixotrophy in green algae, interactions between algae and their accompanying organisms etc. Conclusions A new collection of the high biomass producers including 33 strains of 18 species has been formed as the basis of feedstock for biodiesel production.

The strains of Chlorella vulgaris, Parachlorella kessleri, Acutodesmus dimorphus and Desmodesmus magnus with increasing biomass in the range of 0.

Also, their biomass can be used for other chemistry industry feedstock. Andersen R. America, Else- vier Acad. Press, Richmond A.

Borowitzka M. Algae for biofuel and energy. Chernova N. Gong Y. Korkhovoy V. Lenova L. Use of algae in final sewage purification. Dumka, Serenko L. Zolotaryova O. Sorochinsky B.

Liquid fuels: Current state and tendencies. Radakovitz R. Trenkenshu R. Simplest models of microalgal growth. Nauk Ukr. Tsoglin L. During the period the Dubasari lake phytoplankton was represented by a total of 90 species and intra-specific taxons, where Bacillariophyta, Cyanophyta and Chlorophyta species are prevailing. Numbers of phytoplankton ranged În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 6.

Share in the phytoplankton numbers belongs to cianofite algae, and in the algal biomass to bacilariofite algae. The maximum intensity of production processes was recorded in the summer, primary production values being located within 0. Seasonal and spatial fluctuations in lake primary production are accompanied by fluctuations În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 phytoplankton biomass, community structure of plankton algae succession, changes in nutrient elements concentrations and water transparency values oscillations.

There were established variations of the saprobe index values within 1. Keywords: phytoplankton, primary production, destruction, trophicity, water quality Introduction Aquatic ecosystem functioning is ensured by continuous interaction of their components. The investigations of the diversity, bioproductivity of aquatic ecosystems and factors that influence the development of hydrobionts have a major practical importance and are realized in the context of land research and monitoring programs, ensuring the sustainable use of aquatic biological resources.

It is of great current interest and practical importance the study of phytoplankton communities in aquatic ecosystems in Moldova, different in their genesis and typology, through the influence of environmental factors on diversity and their structural-functional parameters in order to determine their functioning features and assess the water quality. Phytoplankton responds quickly to changing environmental conditions and its productivity determines the trophic level of aquatic ecosystems and characterizes its sanitary state.

At the same time they can use some organic substances, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, as active agents of self purifying of polluted water and good indicators of water quality in environmental monitoring. Seasonal successions of phytoplankton are one of the basic indicators characterizing the stability of algal communities and their degree of adaptation to living conditions.

Faptul, trebuie precizat, nu este inexplicabil. Negulescu, C. Xenopol, C. Arion, Nicolae Iorga, A. Monografia lui S. Tot Dan C. Lucrarea prof. Negulescu, I. However, the author notices the potential of generalization for the concept of tendential modernity, at the level of the processes of modernization the societies are inevitably going through. He explains that the Romanian state prioritized nation-building over economic modernization, for example, which is why nationalist ideology has dominated Romanian experiences of modernity.

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Date of experience: November Thank Gregory A. Reviewed June 12, Not for the faint hearted but thoroughly refreshing. Date of experience: June Reviewed May 19, via mobile Intresting but!!!!!! Date of experience: February Artkran T. Reviewed March 28, Unseen Myanmar. Date of experience: March Ye Yan A. Reviewed January 24, via mobile Wet Market. În Ritmul Tinereții - Various - Mamaia 85 3 of experience: January Reviewed October 11, via mobile Good market for locals.

Date of experience: October Thank jammy j. View more reviews.


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  5. Societatea românească nu se confruntă doar cu un proces de trecere de la o modernitate la alta (industrial-postindustrial), ci mai are încă de parcurs trecerea de la premodern la modern, în paralel cu trecerea de la industrial la postindustrial.” Românii cunosc modernitatea, mai ales în ce privește edificarea sistemului Alma mater: Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași.
  6. Nov 30,  · Air Race Six aircraft in the circuit at the same time racing against each other just metres above the ground at speeds of up to mph. 2. Air Combat Two pilots compete head-to-head in a battle for air supremacy 3. Barnstorming Various stunts ranging from aerobatics to limbo flying.
  7. în cazuri obişnuite înrădăcinează foarte greu. 3. Butaşii vor fi ţinuţi în soluţiile cu alge timp de ore, după ce vor fi expuşi pentru înrădăcinare în vase cu apă decantată. Soluţiile pot fi folosite repetat pe parcursul a câteva zile, după ce pot fi folosite la fertilizarea altor plante.

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