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Das Boot - U 96* - Das Boot

Download Das Boot - U 96* - Das Boot

The audience cannot help but empathize with the crew of U when the submarine shudders at every explosion. The destroyer is relentless. It never stops its search, harassing the Germans that are the heroes of the film in this particular moment. Then comes the silence when the explosions stop. Water is leaking from up above, the sonar pings that had harassed the submarine are no more.

The men of U wait and wait until they finally surface, revealing an empty sea. They have survived. But life on a German U-boat during the Second World War was not all about the relentless pursuit of enemy Das Boot - U 96* - Das Boot. For the most part, the crew pursued a life of extreme monotony consisting of equipment maintenance, checking the torpedo weaponry, general upkeep activities, and other essential functions that maintained discipline and kept the men alive for as long as possible.

The movie was an excellent effort, to say the least. A new German TV series produced for Sky Atlantic which is based on the book and the movie was released in November Even though the series portrays the heroes of U as more refined and cleaner, it is still an entertaining take on this famous story.

In Octoberthe German Capt. Werner to cover the work in the submarine during their mission in the Atlantic Ocean.

They sail out of the shipyard La Rochelle and along the next weeks, Werner learns the The Steptones - Success Dont Come Easy / Your Love Is Like A Rising Sun, loves, fear and behavior of the young crew, the veteran Captain and his officers. The skilled captain hunts British vessels to sink and dives to depths below the limit of the boat to escape from the destroyers.

Near Christmas, they plan to return to La Rochelle; but out of the blue, Captain Henrich Das Boot - U 96* - Das Boot and order to cross the Strait of Gibraltar to go to Italy. But Das Boot - U 96* - Das Boot captain knows how protected the area is and plans a means to lure the British Navy. Will the U succeed in crossing the Strait of Gibraltar? Sign In. Edit Das Boot U is sailing along, bobbing in the choppy seas, the commander and Buccheim are sitting down to lunch, a brief break in the daily stress of U-boat life.

The commander sprints up to the bridge. He and the chief crowd onto the bridge tower, straining through Das Boot - U 96* - Das Boot to find their foe. T hey are puzzled. It appears to be a lone steamer, unescorted in the middle of the ocean. They estimate distance, direction, and speed, the latter by trying to match it. Their diesel engines strain, pushing the ship to its fastest and filling the entire ship with a dull roar as Das Boot - U 96* - Das Boot plow through the choppy sea.

Satisfied with their readings, the commander orders Двигайся - Various - Пляжная 20 Двадцатка attack.

The call goes out to clear the bridge, flood the tanks, and dive to periscope depth. The crew has been standing by, tensely waiting to hear the order.

The ship jumps to life. The diesel engines are secured, the electric motors hum to life and then the ship is quiet again. In the control room, the commander and chief hover over the hydroplane operators, watching dials, hand wheels, and gauges. The ventilators are turned off, and moisture builds up on every surface, including the men who are now drenched in sweat. Periscope depth is achieved, The commander peers through the thin tube, with mirrors and magnifiers. Flood tubes. Open torpedo doors!

This time a response comes back. The order had been completed, all clear and ready for attack. The crew stands silently watching their leader move back and forth with the periscope. He swears.

The ship is zigzagging, making it a difficult target. After minutes of waiting, finally, he has his opportunity. The call goes out. The sleek metal torpedo explodes out of the tube, speeding almost silently towards the ship. The commander calls for Tube 2.


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  1. Jan 15,  · If you really love the movie Das Boot, this is a pretty good CD. I bought this CD thinking it would be a good soundtrack to the movie. It is good, but not great. Most of the songs don't even remind you of the movie. However, if you're into techno and would like to hear some of the old and groundbreaking techno-beats, this is an awesome CD/5(6).
  2. Malakasa says:
    It followed the exploits of U, a German submarine, based out of St. Nazaire, France, on the harrowing experience of U-Boat patrol. The film is, of course, Das Boot, and its incredible ability to capture the terrifying and suspense filled life of U-Boat crews has captivated viewers for decades.
  3. Gardazahn says:
    Das Boot: Albania (alternative title) Anija: Argentina: El barco: Australia: Das Boot: Brazil: O Barco: Inferno no Mar: Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Подводница U Canada (English title) Das Boot: Canada (French title) Le bateau: Croatia: Podmornica: Czech Republic: Ponorka: Denmark: U-båden: Egypt (Arabic title) Alghareb: Finland.
  4. Jan 15,  · Originally released in , DAS BOOT was the first release from German dance project U96 and was a catalyst for the breakthrough of dance music in Germany. Named after the Wolfgang Petersen WWII film of the same name, the album features the groups first hit "Das Boot", a dance remix of the films theme/5(6).
  5. "Das Boot" is the story of the crew wbof one such U-Boat, with the film examining how these submariners maintained their professionalism as soldiers and attempted to accomplish impossible missions, all the while attempting to understand and obey .
  6. Arashizil says:
    Das Boot by U 96 tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal.
  7. Tojagrel says:
    Das Boot This song is by U96 and appears on the album Das Boot (). This song contains a sample from "Das Boot" by Klaus Doldinger. Techno Emergency Maximum velocity Und tanzen One-two-three-techno Das Boot Das Boot Das Boot Das Boot Attention waterpumps! Und tanzen Get on .

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