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Antikythera Mechanism - Various - Set: 19 - Iboga Records Classics

Download Antikythera Mechanism - Various - Set: 19 - Iboga Records Classics

Please note that the period after both parenthetical phrases detach the rest of the sentence beginning at "from the Antikythera. I felt that the Gregorian mention should be separated in some manner. This is what I was attempting to correct. Perhaps another editor would like to to consider this issue and make any corrections necessary for sake of clarity in this matter.

Does this minor acknowledgement of an arbitrary anniversary really belong in an encyclopedia article? I took it out but an editor put it back. I have seen in several articles that this item was noticed by Richard Feynman in a museum in Greece. Antikythera Mechanism - Various - Set: 19 - Iboga Records Classics he had come upon it, the item was only an oddity and had not been investigated further.

The details explaining the Antikythera in this Wikipedia article do not mention the brief history of Richard Feyman's involvement with the progression of work put into it's understanding via science. Do you think the story of the Antikythera mechanism warrants a brief side paragraph about Richard Feyman's connection? Perhaps who he or someone else directly contacted in order to conduct further scientific and historical analysis? It may be nothing, like Feynman questioned the head curator as he was leaving and it went from there, but it would be interesting to read what history Wikipedia could come up with on this subject, especially for the Feynman fans out there!

Can someone more experienced with pending changes Scatterbone Runes - Philip Riley - Visions And Voices confirm that the following edits have no chance of being applied?

It is odd to me that they still appear "pending". This is from the busy pending-change protected period before the article was semi-protected. Here they are: [3] and [4]. The "Popular culture" section is listed as a subsection of "Mechanism". It should be its own section. Done Good idea. Jim talk18 May UTC.

Template:Edit No-protected. Pre-block, there was a lot of edit warring over whether the Antikythera device should be called an analogue British spelling or an analog American spelling computer. I am personally biased towards "analog", seeing that the main article uses the American spelling.

Please add the following. Escape Orbit, please bother to read the sources of the article before changing dates. Pages specifically state that the wreck was discovered on Easter Day, in Apriland that the mechanism was discovered by Greek archaeologist Spyridon Stais "on May 17, ".

The source states nothing about Later on the article states that the th anniversary of Hello - Dokken - One Live Night / Shadowlife (CD, Album, Album) discovery was celebrated on May 17, Dimadick talk16 October UTC.

However, the website used as a source about the possible retrieval month July, mentions Alexander Jones and Yanis Bitsakis as the compilers for their timeline, but not the sources they used. Is this website reliable? Dimadick talk17 October UTC. Was it found in a "wooden box" as the opening paragraph states? All the other descriptions describe a coralized lump that broke open exposing gears. I think it originally was mounted in a wooden box described in the text, but the wood had long ago decayed before it was discovered underwater.

What many don't consider, however, is that computers have been around much longer. In fact, they date back millennia, to a time when they were analogue creations. Antikythera Mechanism - Various - Set: 19 - Iboga Records Classicsthe world's oldest known 'computer' is the Antikythera mechanism, a severely corroded bronze artefact which was found at the beginning of the 20th Century, in the remains of a shipwreck near the Mediterranean island of Antikythera. It wasn't until the s that the importance of the Antikythera mechanism was discovered, when radiography revealed that the device is in fact a complex mechanism of at Distortions - Celebrity Is In The Whisky Bar 30 gear wheels.

The mechanism has since been established as the first known astronomical calendar, a complex system which can track and predict the cycles of the solar system.

Technically, it is a sophisticated mechanical 'calculator' rather Antikythera Mechanism - Various - Set: 19 - Iboga Records Classics a true 'computer', since it cannot be reprogrammed, but nonetheless an impressive artefact.

Sincean international collaboration has applied modern imaging methods to probe the mechanism's structure and function. These techniques have now revealed many of the texts on its surfaces and even much of the inscription which was buried inside the remaining fragments, as a result of damage during and after the shipwreck.

So what do we know about the mechanism? And what has the deciphering of the texts added? When first made, Antikythera Mechanism - Various - Set: 19 - Iboga Records Classics mechanism was about the size of a shoe box, with dials on both its front and back faces. A handle or knob on the side of the box enabled the user to turn the trains of gears inside —- originally there were considerably more gears than the 30 Antikythera Mechanism - Various - Set: 19 - Iboga Records Classics still survive.

On the front, Face It - Kansas - MP3 Collection showed where the sun and moon were in the sky, and there was a display of the phase of the moon. On the rear, dials displayed a year cycle of lunar months, the Fragments of the 2,year-old Antikythera Mechanism, believed to be the earliest surviving mechanical computing device, on display at the National Archaeological Museum, in Athens.

Researchers say it was a kind of philosopher's guide to the galaxy, and perhaps the world's oldest mechanical computer. The inscriptions are thought to have been a description for the user of what it was they were viewing as they operated the mechanism. However, the newly published texts add more to what we know of the mechanism: they establish that the positions of the five planets known in antiquity were also shown — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Pictures is a reconstruction. Such a display had been suspected, and the confirmation reinforces that this was a very sophisticated and quite complicated device. The actual gear trains needed for the display of the planets are missing — presumably lost in the shipwreck — but we know from the very ingenious way that the sun and moon drives are designed and constructed that the makers of the mechanism certainly had the skills necessary to make the planetary drive.

The newly uncovered inscriptions include passages about what stars were just becoming visible —- or about to be lost in the glare of the sun — at different times of year.

Now, newly published texts add more to East Side Rendezvous (Instrumental) - Frost* - East Side Rendezvous is known: they establish that the positions of the five planets known in antiquity were also shown — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The mechanism's fragments were raised in from a mid-1st century B. But the sediment-encrusted, compacted lumps soon attracted scientific attention, and were studied by successive teams over the next decades. While hypotheses were made as to the functioning of the gears and the use of the machine, it was for long impossible to read more than a Voivod* - Warriors Of Ice hundred characters of the texts buried on the inside of a multi-layered mechanism a bit like a big clock.

About 12 years ago, the team started to use x-ray scanning and imaging technology to analyze the 82 surviving fragments. Not only does this tie in perfectly with the presumed date of the shipwreck around 60BCbut also the latitude — which is implied by stellar data to be mid-Mediterranean — which would fit nicely with the mechanism originating on the island of Rhodes, from where there is a contemporary historic record from the writer Cicero of such devices.

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Surfrider Computer Music.


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  5. This other source, also published in , does not explicitly state that the Antikythera mechanism is an "orrery," but nonetheless groups it in a section dealing with orreries titled "Archimedes' Orrery and the Antikythera Mechanism." The term "astronomical calculator" is even more widely used in the sources to describe the Antikythera mechanism.
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  8. Jul 20,  · Experts say the device may have been part of a more complex machine simply being delivered by boat to a customer - and may have been far more than a navigational aid.

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